AFB Confessions
Confess your deep, dark secrets to the world. Anonymously.

Here is Sarah and Kaleigh, the two best fans any site could ever ask for!!!

And yes, apparently they both have confessed stuff. We wonder what they wrote!!!

Here is our most legal fan, MaryBella. It's cool cause you can't go to jail for perving over her.

Here's the always beautiful Sarah once again, after AFB Confessions® flew her out on a private jet to be photographed next to this breathtaking brick wall by a professional photographer:

And let's not forget about Lindsay, not only is she a 27 year old mom of two, but she's also a MILF!

Some random Anon female fan. What a fantastic body she has!

Here's the amazing emmy! She's got a cute everything--
it's too bad only her lips are visible here :P

Here's someone named Chloe... I don't know why she's covering her face though.
I bet she's really hawt. Her arms look hawt. Doesn't she have lovely posters?

here's some weirdo with too much time on his hands...

Here's the very famous commentor, ARandomGuy!
For someone so vocal and outgoing in the comments... he sure is shy! censoring his face ;(
(updated) BUT WAIT! This is what he looks like uncensored, apparently

Velvet Whiskey!

Our number #1 comment flooder, zabrina!
She doesn't do it intentionally though, her phone just sucks and sometimes sends 15 posts

We're proud to put herb of whores on this page... she's definitely our most creative fan!

This washable marker in the picture below belongs to the coolest, most badass person on AFB.
It's none other than mr. Tony Almeida himself!

Paper Tiger has designer shades just to hide her face and she probably thinks she's cooler than us.

Let's not forget about everyone's favorite german, mint!

a tattooed Turd Ferguson!

And here's our newest fan, the beautiful adriana!
You can tell she's a fan of AFB because she's shirtless. Yep, she fits right in

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