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Anonymous Male:

hi guys,

i need a liitle help and guidence here.
you see, i'm a chronic and compulsive masturbator.I love it, adore it even. I wank every day and i mean EVERY day, without fail, sure as the sun shines on my throbbing cock each morning i'm choking that chicken for all it's worth.
But... it's gotten to the point where my penis is doing the equivalent of a dry heave. There's just not enough jizz built up in my balls to shoot a nice sticky load.

I know i need to slow down but i can't ! Help me out here, what should i do?

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doie About 2 years ago  
I see what you did there.

Reese About 7 years ago  
@Anonymous(the one tlking bout summer 2002):
1 day = 1440 minutes
it takes 20min to refuel your load
92 * 20 = 1840 minutes
so even if you went from 12 in the morning to 12 in the morning the next day you could not masturbate 92 times. Nd 20min doesn't get you that load your looking for.

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
go to youtube and search for addicted to masturbation. there are some great stories on there. i did it 92 times in one day in the summer of 2002.

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
i say, you should just up and die because you can't mastutbate.(:

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
indeed he does! V.V BUT I must admit im in the same situation :/ ive got it worse though.

Ausmosis About 7 years ago  
this guy sounds like such a wanker.

PorkyPork About 7 years ago  
stare at zee blue waffle for an hour str8.

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
cut off your hands

Ether About 7 years ago  
think of it this way, wouldn't it feel SO much better if you forced your self to wait and wait and wait to the point that your cock is just begging to be hand fucked? I'm telling you, the longer you wait, the better you will feel. and if you wait long enough, you'll actually because to keep your bed clean xD

Anonymous About 7 years ago  

Tony Almeida About 7 years ago  
Think of Gilligan's Mr. Howell.

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