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My roommate's girlfriend recently moved in with us. I thought she was pretty cool and we got along fine before she moved in. But now shes just become a huge bitch. Shes trying to control our house and change everything...and the bitch dosent even pay any bills. I didn't really want her moving in to begin with this was supposed to be our party house. Now when ever I throw partys or bring home random chicks she freaks out.
She thought she was funny when she threw out a fridge full of beer...if only she knew afterwards I pissed on her toothbrush.
I cant wait for them to break up.

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Anonymous About 7 years ago  
when your room mate is gone just rape her....if she tells him say she's a liar

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
Cum in her lotion that'll show her

:D About 7 years ago  
:D suks

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
slip her a roofie, take some photos and threaten to post them on the net if she don't get out or if she tells your roommate.....after shes gone post them anyway

ARandomGuy About 7 years ago  
Cum on the toothbrush.

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
Shit on the toothbrush yeahhh!!!!

OP About 7 years ago  
@Anonymous: Nice one man Im gonna have to try that

edward the confessor About 7 years ago  
why dont you move out and leave your roommate with that bitch alone

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
lol great idea with the toothbrush i went through something similar lol but mine was worse i pissed in her shampoo and bodywash so that everytime she thought she was clean she was really washing in a piss mixture

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
What a bitch

hazeleyes About 7 years ago  
That's a fucking sweet come back ahahaa...Thumbs up =)

ARandomGirl About 7 years ago  
Tell that bitch to get tha steppin.

OP About 7 years ago  
@Denim: what about it?

Denim About 7 years ago  

justagirl About 7 years ago  
dumb bitch

OP About 7 years ago  
I cant kick her out me and roommate have been friends since the beginning of high school and where sophomores in college. I dont wanna ruin our friendship. He dosent last very long with chicks she'll be gone eventually until then her toothbrush is my personal toilet.

Anonymous About 7 years ago  

ARandomGuy About 7 years ago  
You win, she fails. Fuck that bitch.

Dr.kuntz About 7 years ago  
Yeah... That sucks lol

anonanon About 7 years ago  
can't believe she doesn't pay bills! what a lazy whore

anonymous About 7 years ago  
i don't blame you. great comeback, by the way.

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