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I have a pee fetish. I like to pee on myself, and i like to wet my bed. I hate myself for it and its grose when I see males peing themselves and the idea of drinking pee or sitting in it discusts me.

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Anonymous About 6 months ago  
Long time ago I was molested in the school bathroom when I was 6. In my early teens I started having a huge desire to pee outside or if inside our house to use the tiny one in the basement with the door open at least a couple inches. Hopefully it never grossed out my younger sis who always had a weird smile afterwards if she watched me go but we never ever mentioned it.

Anonymous About a year ago  
Weird but like why does that do it for you?

Smardel About 7 years ago  
@katieeee =]: wow, that was extremely helpful, thanks for that. And if your going to curse at me, at least have the respect to spell a four letter word right, FUCK is not THAT hard to spell.

katieeee =] About 7 years ago  
so why the fuk do it then you fukin fanny!

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
I have a fetish to. I pee in bottles and save them. I like to smell them.

lyas of 007 About 7 years ago  
Well go call R kellyy hell be happy to ablige u
theres a theam song he go its called pee on u

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
I actually have a pee fetish myself, only I would enjoy both ends of peeing into someone's mouth with out the whole swallowing factor... Oh and to pee all over a girls pussy... Damn!

Tony Almeida About 7 years ago  
No Anonymous, peeing in a pool is a more amazing feeling.

However, shower peeing feels pretty good too, just not the same. I actually wrote this confession about peeing in the shower:

Check it out yo!

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
The most amazing feeling is peeing in the shower - you're getting clean anyway, just saves getting out and being all slippy on the toilet.

SweMale About 7 years ago  
I'd like to watch you wet yourself.. It's a turn on for me..

Oh, btw. One reason for your fetish might be because it's such a socially forbidden thing to do, or you mightv'e gotten yelled at in younger age for doing it and now do it just b.c. of that..

Ether About 7 years ago  
At least you're not attracted to something illegal. And you shouldn't be mad at yourself for that. It's better than poo.

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
Means your horny you wanna feel a nice sensation that I can show you

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