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Anonymous Male:

i have something i need to take off my chest...

-takes cross off-


im an atheist, and pretty much everyone i know in real life hates me for it. except for my fundaMENTAList grandparents, because i havent told them and i dont want to, cuz i want them to die thinking that i was a good christian, rather than a good atheist. if that makes sense.

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ARandomGuy About 6 years ago  
I say "agnostic" because saying atheist makes me sound like an asshole.

lawwwwlz@scenekidz About 7 years ago  
lolol. most "atheist" are 13-16 and think they have it so bad.

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
jesus still loves you even if nobody else does

Bl4bb0r About 7 years ago  
If god would exist he'd be an asshole. About 7 years ago  

Zombie Jesus About 7 years ago  
I never existed. And God cannot exist. So all you godfags can fuck off.

Anonalot About 7 years ago  
believing in anything is stupid. if you "believe" in a god or "believe" there isn't a god. truth is, we don't know anything;, the only truths that i can verify are those that i experience by myself.

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
DOOD im atheist to DONT LET IT GET TO YOU!!

Dimebag About 7 years ago  
Same thing with me, but I'll balled up and told my family (extreme catholics) that I'm not Christian. They respected me for making them apart of my life and letting them in on it

dustininiraq About 7 years ago  
im really starting to believe jesus is a grown up version of santa clause we all seen how that happened

VVOLFZ About 7 years ago  
@Anonymous: really... REALLY? ok walk me through this one nutcase. i have been psychologically, mentally, emotionally, verbally, & physically abused, since the age of 4. i have aspergers syndrome due to much trauma in my childhood, & with many other disabilities and i have been homeless and poor, in my short life of twenty years.
cmon if such a loving caring benevolent creator actually gave a shit about the value of human life, i wouldnt of been in the situations i was in.
oh btw, i was raised christian until 2 years ago, so i say BS
ps fuck your fucking god with a fucking knife you fuc

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
Jesus still loves you all :D

VVOLFZ About 7 years ago  
@miss m: if i tell them, then they would disown me, and then i wouldnt be able to get money off of them for doing their yard work. so imma keep quiet =]

miss m About 7 years ago  
just tell them..

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
Same! And when I try to tell my friend they all say 'Jesus still loves you.' IT PISSES ME OFF!

KOLORSZ About 7 years ago  
@Anonymous: how about you fuck off? stop being a hater just cuz hes an atheist, hes not 13, hes 20 and also my bestfriend :) so kiss my ass you fucking prick, kthx

VVOLFZ About 7 years ago  
@Anonymous: go fuck a knife you dick sucking, jesus loving ginger jew. im 20 btw and yes im proud to be someone that doesnt believe in fairy tales anymore =]

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
No you don't. You're just trying to tell the internet how you're a proud "ATHEIST REBEL!!!!". Now fuck off you 13 year old brat

KOLORSZ About 7 years ago  
i dont hate you justin! your my bestie :D

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
omg that is exactley the same with me, buh i wear a little blue beaded cross bracelet for my grandad, he thinks im not an atheist


WzQ About 7 years ago  
Same here, I have not told anyone in my family for fear of my grandmother finding out, she's VERY religious. In the end, since her health is going down hill, I guess I'll just wait till she's gone before letting the rest know, easier on her that way.

OP About 7 years ago  
I am the same about the grandparents. My
parents accept it but they don't like it. My grandparents are rather religious and I'd rather not tell them :L it gets so awkward when talking though.

:)) About 7 years ago  
Makes sense. I wouldn't tell them either. Although, I don't think your bad either way. People are so anal about religion, f*** that believe what you want.

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