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im a soldier in iraq, and i have some extremly difficult family problems right now, im 11B and we go outside of the wire like 6 times a week and i have this horrible fear of dying or getting to hurt to much to support my family, but anyways i can honestly say i dont wont to re-enlist because i hate being away from my beautiful wife and amazing 2 year old daughter. im trying to do online classes so by the time my contract is up i will have at least an associate degree in something, but i was talking to my wife earlier today and she dosent want to continue our family right now if i dont stay in the military, i really really dont want to stay in but i also want to please my wife and continue getting the pay and benifits of the mlitary, i can understand why she dont want to have another child right now because of the reccesion but im torn apart from i guess 'keeping my family' (i honstly dont think she will leave me at all if i dont stay in but we have had some really hard time supporting ourselfs with civilian jobs) and staying in and being misirable for a long ass time, so i think i need help but i dont want to hurt anybody by making my decision! any suggestions???

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Anonymous About 9 years ago  
11b means your not the brightest bulb in the country, and the military is your highest expectation of benefits and pay, Re-enlist and try to get a better MOS then support your family giving your children the encouragement and opportunity to get the education that you didn't.

Rachael About 9 years ago  
I hope things work out for you bud :3

Anonymous About 10 years ago  
Umm.. how about reenlisting and choosing another MOS when you do so? Then you'll go through AIT and presto no more 11B and you can get a job that isn't so dangerous.. Sound good?

Sean About 10 years ago  
What does that have to do with underage girls?
Come on man, you know what this site's for ;)

jake About 10 years ago  

Anonymous About 10 years ago  
As a Military Wife I can understand why she wants you to stay in. The economy is really bad right now. Getting out of the military means loss of healthcare income and many other things. If you can get a job with a company before you get out or before your re enlistment then do it! If you you can't then have another contract writen with a fat bonus and a new MOS. I don't think your wife is fucking another man, she is just concerned and has fears. Being a 11b is a very tuff position to be in retake your ASVAB and get a better MOS that can trasfer to the other side. Good luck!

tattoed ex medic About 10 years ago  
My first wife wanted me to re enlist, I did then when I came stateside I couldn't even find her to divorce her. In my opinion if you're in 11B she wants the life insurance, get out when you're times up. If she really loves you she will get over it, if she doesn't and leaves you'll at least be able to enjoy your daughter, but from personal experience there is someone else, she wants the check not you. God bless and good luck

WAKE UP!!!!! About 10 years ago  

ArmyGuy About 10 years ago  
Reclass to another MOS. One that will get you a better job when you do get out.

Anonymous About 10 years ago  
Do what feels right man. If she isnt in the army, then she cant possibly feel the fear that you guys do. If you want out after your contract is done....then get the hell out. You seem like you have a great wife and daughter. But to me it seems your wife is being somewhat selfish. There is other ways to make money out there bro. Its hard for all of us, but im sure you can make it if you put your mind to it. Best wishes to you and your family. Stay safe.

Jesus Christ About 10 years ago  
Think positive

Anonymous About 10 years ago  
she wants you to stay in the army so she can continue her naughty ways when your gone.

NavySailor About 10 years ago  
If you don't want to re-enlist don't. When you get back, talk to your wife about why you don't want to re-enlist. If she leaves you then she never really loved you anyway. I hope things turn out okay for you and be safe over there.

Anonymous About 10 years ago  
Do what you want, that is don't re-enlist. Your wife needs to see things from your point of view. Get back to the US and work things out from there. You've gotta do one day at a time! And your wife needs to work with you in this... she shouldn't just tell you to do it all on your own.

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