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i've been married for two years...happily yes but in bed, i've never had an orgasm with him. when he's at work or away i have to do it myself. he doesn't know and i really don't want him to know. but i got to get it out. i love my husband but he sucks in bed and yet he says he's been with more women than he can count on his fingers and toes. (maybe why so many because one woman wouldn't sleep with him again?) but i just had to get that out...

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Anonymous About 7 years ago  
try butt sex?

4chan About 7 years ago  
It's true, Reese blew me so hard last night I thought I could see my dead grandma. Had a fun time. Call me <3

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
tell him not us

Reese About 7 years ago  
@HopeFull: so truee ;p

HopeFull About 7 years ago  
It's True Reese Is Just Amazzzzinnnn In Bed. He got me off in like .5 seconds. He just Whipped It Out and was like POW BISH

Reese About 7 years ago  
umm... i give my girls orgasims in 3minutes..IM 13, but i use tongue to get the full thing ya knw

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
buy a vibrator and learn how to use it together... it's fun!

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
I have only slept with one woman. I met her 11 years ago and we are married. She orgasms just about every time we have sex and often has multiple orgasms. She had other partners that NEVER made her cum. Bare in mind that I have NO experiance of other girls and we were 17 when we met. I just learned how to get her going. She showed me what she wanted and we were both happy and comfortable with each other. Try having a few drinks before getting it on. Also try doing something to him that REALLY REALLY turns you on, that will get you in the right frame of mind. Hope this helps.

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
ik have orgams all the time. sometime multiple ones :) they are amazing, one time he made me cry and squirt at the same time. girl you need to sort it out, you are missing out bigtime!

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
Communication is definitely a huge part of it! I'm not completely useless in bed, but still, I tell my girlfriend that she can always tell me what she wants in the bedroom. I encourage it, and she's always had really intense orgasms. She tells me that the communication is a huge part of it. The sex gets a lot deeper, emotionally. The physical aspect can only go so far, sometimes, and it takes that extra, mental dynamic to take it to the next level.
Btw, awesome job, other males posting here. It's awesome to reinforce the crappy stereotypes about us.

professor chaos About 7 years ago  
i just love cougars. if ur man cant satisfy ur lovely mateur pussy then i will. im gonna put some crean in that pussy and i'll eat u out like a hungry japanese hobo who hasnt had any pussy for 20 years.

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
Pfft typical man, that first comment! Its not about going deep at all.

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
guys and girls listen please. to make a girl have an orgasim you have to eat it, finger and anal penetration, it triggers and orgasm trust me

Basstelle About 7 years ago  
I agree with the girl below me. But, I disagree with not telling him. Communication is important and so is honesty; and if you haven't told him I'm guessing that you're faking it. All you're doing is telling him that he's doing good. Let him know, don't say "you suck" but tell him that he's not getting you there. Maybe some exploration, on both sides, will help to see if it's physical, or mental. If you find out it's mental seek help. If it's physical then work on the problem together. Men tend to be cocky and pushing a woman to an orgasm (a real one) is something we all want to do

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
I get how you feel, i'm in a similar situation, and it feels like there isnt much you can do about it.
what has worked for me,is to ask him to do things u enjoy in bed, in a subtle way, not making him feel like he sucks, little things that you enjoy and think that can get you closer to it, it wont change from one day to the other, but it will gradually make a difference.
the most important thing in every relationship is comunication, so be open, and talk about it, you wont tell him he sucks but you can let him know that there are things you both can do to improve your sex life.
good luck

Almeida About 7 years ago  
Bravo for staying faithful! Before I even finished reading your confession, I was almost certain you'd be confessing to getting some extra dick on the side. Sorry to hear about your poor sex life, but I commend you for not being a cheating whore!

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
Just get a dildo going deep and you'll be good.

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