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Okay, I'm a gay teenager. I love cocks. I was melested when I was 4-7 and I believe that is what made me gay. I have this best friend (we will call him Dan for purposes I don't want anyone to know who I am) And he has an older brother named (Phil we will say) Phil was a weirdo when I went over there for a sleepover (I was 12) and phil whipped his cock out and sent a picture to my friend (Elijah) and I saw his cock. Both Phil and Dan were in the room and Dan said "ewww" I didn't say anything Phil laughed... Hours later Phil grabbed his cock out and pissed halfway on me and in his closet. And said "I would fuck u so bad" I laughed. After playing hours of COD2 wewent to bed it went Phil on the left me in the middle and Dan on the side. Phil rubbed his cock on my shorts and I pretended to sleep. After 20 minutes of that he grabbed my hand and put it on his 6 in. Cock and it was awesome I jerked him off and at the time I had a little 1in. Cock and he rolled me over and shoved his dick in my asshole. This was all with his DAD above us and his brother next to me I couldn't moan.... It was hard. Anyways, up till now (2016 I'm 13) I love cock. I have a boyfriend who lives in Texsas and I want cock from Phil and I want to blow. I am embarrassed to talk let alone be by Phil. What should I do?? S.L.W

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Mello About 4 years ago  
google 'how to tie a noose' and hang yourself

Anonymous About 4 years ago  
tell him how you feel

The poster About 4 years ago  
I have his messenger (Facebook)

Anonymous About 4 years ago  
tell him hoe you feel cuz he wanted it
mybe get his number and text him

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