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Anonymous Female:

Hi, I was hoping to seek advice.

So I'm 12 years old and already touching myself up and watching porn almost everyday.

I like it when it hurts (I don't know why so don't ask). Anyway, a boy at my school and I are really close friends but now I think I'm attracted to him... Sexually. When I'm touching myself I think of him but I he likes someone else so even if I tried getting it on with him I know it wouldn't work but I really want him except I'm not really sure whether I'm old enough to try to fuck him.

What is the average age to lose your virginity and should I try to do something to improve our relationship?

P.s. Yes he's a pervert and has already grabbed half of the girl's at our schools ass' and boobs

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charley About 4 years ago  
i do not belive you are a 12 year old. if so, you are very precocious.

Anonymous About 4 years ago  
It is fine it is normal

Anonymous About 4 years ago  
Do the world a favor and kill yourself

Anonymous About 4 years ago  

Anonymous About 4 years ago  
avg age is 13 or up i would guess

Anonymous About 4 years ago  
Well, I think you should ask him to go on a date. If he says yes.. ask about being a couple.

Anonymous About 4 years ago  
fuck me

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