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Since middle school and into high school, I was your typical shy virgin kid who obsessed over any hot girl who sat next to me.

I confess to--whenever having the opportunity--nonchalantly touching the seat of wherever a pretty girl was previously sitting just to get the 'scent' of her hot girl butthole and vagina smell on my hand for a mere second, and then I'd pretend like I had an itch on my face and I'd quickly sniff my hand before the scent went away.

Of course--I don't think it ever actually worked, lol, I don't think I actually smelled anything too noticeable, but just thinking I was smelling the private parts of a hot girl really made my day.

Sometimes I'd do it and then think someone in the room knew what I was doing and I'd stall putting my hand to my face for like 2-3 minutes after and I'd be pissed at my self because I felt I was losing the 'hot girl trace' with every second that passed.

Now in my 20s, I do this at the gym all the time and feel like I hit the lottery whenever a hot girl leaves a machine without wiping it down. Fuck yeah!

Except I have the unfortunate feeling that the people who watch the gym surveillance tapes are on to me :/

I've always wondered... does anyone else do desperate shit like this? Please comment if you do.

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charley About 4 years ago  
dont feel bad man, when i was younger i used too steal my friends sisters panties and masturbate in them

Anonymous About 4 years ago  
No... I get laid

Anonymous About 4 years ago  
ive done similar things

Anonymous About 4 years ago  
hell, no man!

gggggg About 4 years ago  
i love woman

gggggg About 4 years ago  

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