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Anonymous Female:

im eleven years old and so sexual... sometimes i try to meet up with guys to fuck but they never go through with it...

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Anonymous About 3 months ago  
This looks like a sting post meant to catch pedophiles.

Anonymous About 11 months ago  

Anonymous About a year ago  
Princess Luxe dildo like 20 dollars and bonus it wont give you aids or herpes and its definately not gonna get you pregnant

Mello About a year ago  
get a fucking dildo you dumb shit

yoley About a year ago  
im not your boss, but do be careful, the boys at your school will hear about what you want and spread the word around, you dont want that type of reputation

Anonymous About a year ago  
what is your snapchat?

Stewey About a year ago  
Do you know where the extended stay inn in Arizona is

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