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The first time I got touched by a girl was so fun.Here's my story:

I had a sleepover with my friend, her name is Lila. It happened when we were 15. I'm still friends with her but we don't talk about that night or do anything like that again because we agreed we were both curious and horny. It was late night and we were bored. She said that she'd always wanted to be a doctor since she was little, but no one would play doctor with her. As a joke, I agreed to play. It began innocently with her checking my temperature. But then she checked my pulse with just her hand and placed it a little to low. He hand was touching the top of my boob and immediately the mood changed from playful. She then slipped her hand up my shirt, grazing my back. She checked my pulse from my back. At this point, I was getting a little excited. My heart was racing. I got off from the bed since she asked me to bend down. She wanted to check my back. I wasn't sure why but I really didn't care. I bent over touching my toes. She started at my neck and touched my back until she reached the end of my spin.

Her hand continued down my ass. She stopped when she reached my thighs. I was getting hot by now. She told me I had knots in my shoulders and it was her job to relive them. She had a mischievous smile on her face so I knew that she wanted to experiment with me. She took off my shirt. She asked me if I had a towel so I can hide my boobs while I lay on my stomach. I said yes and grabbed one. She unhooked my bra just as I covered my boobs and layed on my belly. She started to massage my back, going closer to my ass. She massaged my ass too but told me to remove my jean shorts in order for the massage to be better. I did. Now only in my underwear, I laid down and enjoyed her hands massage my ass and inner thighs.

I was getting wet and wasn't sure if she saw yet. She moved back up to my shoulders and massaged the side of my boobs. I was trying to control my breathing at this point. I remember every single detail of that night. Lila told me to lay on my back now so she could massage my stomach and legs. I did and still used the towel to cover my boobs. She massaged my stomach until she reached the band of my underwear. She asked me to take off the towel that was hidin my boobs and told me that I didn't have to hide because "we were both girls". I did as she told me and she smiled at my exposed boobs. She asked me when it was her turn to get a massage. I told her to lay down. She took of her shorts, shirt and unhooked her bra.

I remember staring at her boobs. They were perky and I felt myself getting soaked. My pussy was aching to get touched. Lila wanted me to massage her boobs. I knew that we weren't playing doctor anymore. I reached out and softly rubbed her boobs. I didn't know what to do. I squeezed them a little and heard Lila's breath quicken. I massaged her boobs a little harder then before. I also started playing with her nipples. I didn't notice at first but she was playing with her pussy.

I looked down and saw her hand in her underwear. She was fingering herself. I started getting wetter, if that was even possible. She moaned when she noticed I was biting my lip and staring at her pussy. She took off her underwear and spread her legs farther. I sat there staring at her. She was moaning and gasping. I also stripped of my underwear and rubbed my clit. I had never fingered myself before. I was still a virgin and she wasn't. I rubbed and moaned until. She stopped to watch me. Lila asked me if I wanted her help. I nodded quickly. She smiled at me and played with my tits. I rubbed harder and harder. Her hand too my hand away from my pussy. She spread my legs and started rubbing my clit. I squeezed my eyes shut and let her do her thing. I moaned and moaned. Her fingers started entering my pussy and I bit my lip to stop me from screaming.

It felt so good and I knew I was going to cum soon. She kept fingering me faster and faster until I cummed. It felt so good and I wanted her to keep going. She told me it was her turn. She spread her legs open and I saw her shaved pussy. It was soaking wet. She told me to come closer. I did. She told me to kiss her stomach until I reached her soaked pussy. I did. I licked her wet pussy slowly. I didn't know what I was doing but I assumed it felt good because she was moaning. I sucked on her clit and reached to play with one of her boobs. She told me she was going to cum. I licked up her cum eagerly. I was trembling with excitement.

That was the best night of my life.

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