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Anonymous Female:

I love doritos so much. I put doritos in my vagina. It feels good like being raped

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Anonymous About 10 months ago  
WOW good way to get a yeast infection, why dont you buy a dildo

Dorito named Dave About 11 months ago  

Anonymous About 11 months ago  
do you also put mtn dew down your butthole? also,, do you eat the doritos after 😂


Anonymous Last year  
Im 13 too

Jess Last year  
My name is Jess and I wrote this. I am only 13 and I am on my period right now, i dont do this all the time, only twice a year, why are you being mean sol??

Sol Last year  
that is fucked up on so may levels, you need help bruh

Sol Last year  
well that is fucked up, you need some help

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