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Anonymous Female:

I love doritos so much. I put doritos in my vagina. It feels good like being raped

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Anonymous About 4 years ago  
WOW good way to get a yeast infection, why dont you buy a dildo

Dorito named Dave About 4 years ago  

Anonymous About 4 years ago  
do you also put mtn dew down your butthole? also,, do you eat the doritos after 😂

BILLYBOBJOE About 4 years ago  

Anonymous About 4 years ago  
Im 13 too

Jess About 4 years ago  
My name is Jess and I wrote this. I am only 13 and I am on my period right now, i dont do this all the time, only twice a year, why are you being mean sol??

Sol About 4 years ago  
that is fucked up on so may levels, you need help bruh

Sol About 4 years ago  
well that is fucked up, you need some help

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