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So, there's a girl I like a lot. she broke up with her boyfriend, but now she has another. she said sorry when she told me. she knows I like her and it's clear she likes me too. Normally I can move on, but this time I can't. I recently met this new girl who is a sex addict. we've only done skype stuff so far. there's another girl who has a huge crush on me and i've been flirting with her a lot. But I can't get the first girl I mentioned off of my mind ugh

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Anonymous About 4 years ago  
im going through the same exact thing, how old are you? also what i did was i lost my virginity to one of the girls that liked me cause i was a horny teen at the time than i fucked the other 3 girls when i went to there house (ask to hangout when her parents arent home) and than by than she should be broken up... also wear condoms

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