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Hi I want to share my first gay experience. I was 10 and over at my friends house his older brother was watching us he was 11rex his older brother was 13rob and the older whispered in his brother's ear then they said stay put and went to the bedroom I followed after about a min and caught rex sucking robs dick they stopped when I walked in I asked what are you doing Rob said come here so I did and sat down Rob said hold still rex said relax so I did rex pulled down my pants and started to suck me and Rob fingered me then Rob flipped me over doggy style and rex said relax and robs at least 6In started on my ass I whimper robs hot rod goes in me after about 5min Rob cums then Rob called the dog and then Rob started on rex and I was still doggie style and the dog mounts me and he was at least 10in knot and all he goes at it like a beast then something bigger the knot was shoved in me I whimper again it starts to swell it was the size of a baseball then a huge load was shot in me then more and more we were tied like that for a half hour all the while rex is ass fucking the dog and he did not mind and on top of that I was giving Rob a blowjob. I am now 14 and we have done this at least 3 times month for four years .yes this is a TRUE story.

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