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Anonymous Male:

I had the most intimate moment with myself in the shower yesterday.

So I was in the shower, showering, and my asshole itched, so I itched it. I don't know what came over me, and next thing I knew, I was lying down, fucking myself with the non-bristled end of an electric toothbrush. I had an amazing orgasm, and when I finished, I got up and finished showering as if nothing happened. :\

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Anonymous About 6 years ago  
is that why i had no hot water left

Drewballz About 6 years ago  
@ tony LMAO thats so funny. Dont act like it didnt happen if you liked it and it made you orgasim.

AnonyMouse About 6 years ago  
I do with whatever I can find.

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
@ Tony : That's disgustingly awesome.

Person that posted - That's freakin sweet. lol

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahah

mason About 7 years ago  
tony, you shoulda taken picture. next time (cause we all know there will be a next time)

derp About 7 years ago  

I fuckin lol'd

Denim About 7 years ago  
So... You enjoy ass play or are you gay? xD

Anonymous About 7 years ago  
gay poltergeist?....

buttmunchergirl About 7 years ago  
@Tony Almeida
LMFAO...hershey kiss.....

buttmunchergirl About 7 years ago  
it turned me on reading this n second i wish i was there to watch u2that2urself lol

Kaney About 7 years ago  

Eww haha ew.

Tony Almeida About 7 years ago  
I once pulled out my buttplug, and I shit you not, there was an absolute PERFECT Hershey's kiss sitting on top of it. And by that, I obviously mean, some feces stuck onto the top and swirled upwards like those delicious Hershey kisses.

It was so gross.

Kaney About 7 years ago  
Do whatchoo gotta do. The pleasure might even be better than a woman! :O

URAMOOSE About 7 years ago  
You know, the male g-spot (They exist!!!) is accessible only through the anus, or inside of your scrotum. So, unless you want to dissect your own balls, I suggest you keep doing what you're doing.

Paper Tiger About 7 years ago  
i hope it was your electric tooth brush, and why did you add " :\ " at the end if you enjoyed it? unless you feel bad cause it wasn't your electric toothbrush

mint About 7 years ago  

luke About 7 years ago  

Shark About 7 years ago  
Real Guys like a little assplay

MW About 7 years ago  
Been there. Man you should try doing that with a penis. amazing.

misslady About 7 years ago  
haha velvet. NOW the only thing wrong with this is that u said "an electric toothbrush" im guessing if it was urs you would of said "my" electric toothbrush. I hope it wasnt someone elses :/

Ryott About 7 years ago  
When i am on a date with myself i like to hold my own hand all shy like and then do the yawn arm stretch/ reach around and after a few minutes i start groping myself :)

leNoobe About 7 years ago  
Arandom guy that wasnt me below :S

xblah About 7 years ago  
must have been a pretty good itch

ARandomGuy About 7 years ago  
Only real men take it up the ass and enjoy it.

And this isn't my confession, lenoob.

Velvet Whiskey About 7 years ago  
sounds awesome. but you can't itch and itch, dear. you scratch an itch. pet peeve of mine.

leNoobe About 7 years ago  
sup Arandomguy

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