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Anonymous Female:

I never realized how amazing my body was until my boyfriend recorded us having sex. I never thought I'd get turned on by a video of something I'd already experienced but it made me even more horny. Then the asshole deleted the video for no reason.


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omg About 7 years ago  
ARandomGuy you gay fuck xD

Well it was your boyfriend who recorded the sex so your boyfriend should be the one able to delete it, hm?

xblah About 7 years ago  
no comment...funny as fuck cause ive done that shit before....but no comment

derp About 7 years ago  
This is why god invented the pornhub.

Denim About 7 years ago  
He's probably insecure about his dick.. Or he really cares about you and doesn't want the video to leak some how....

Pencil. About 7 years ago  
Haaa. :D

iheardyousay About 7 years ago  
Maybe he's insulted by the fact that you'd get more turned on by watching yourself then you get with him.

Paper Tiger About 7 years ago  
ask him why he deleted it, and tell him you got really horny from watching it and ask him if you record another one. if you two record another one be sure to get you're copy of it in case he deletes it again then maybe have sex while watching it

mint About 7 years ago  
Lmao :D
ARandomGuy, you srs? :D
Girls are soo..cocky :D

Velvet Whiskey About 7 years ago  
awe, i know what you mean. this guy secretly recorded a video of me on his phone sucking his dick, and showed it to me... despite my anger i was quite turned on.

ARandomGuy About 7 years ago  
LOL. I litterally laughed out loud at this.

And maybe he felt guilty about it? And deleted it?

And I sense porn stardom in your future. I bet I can deepthroat deeper than you. ;P

Tony Almeida About 7 years ago  
Silly silly. Unless it was in front of you on accident, there's no way he deleted that video. He's being smart by acting like he deleted it.

He wants it for his own purposes, most likely to distribute it on YouPorn if you two ever split up.

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