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Anonymous Male:

I fucking hate my Sociology class that I'm required to take. I barely absorb any of the information, and I consider the assignments a true waste of time.

My solution? I think schools all around the world should just have their students read AFB Confessions for 20 minutes and then we'll all get a pretty good idea at how society as a whole really is.

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UR A MOOSE About 7 years ago  
I think school is awesome.

Except for the learning part. That has to go.

ChelseaHandler About 7 years ago  
too long... didn't read

Sditch About 7 years ago  
A*/A+ for using AFB.
Fail for thinking it's gonna teach you what all people are like xD

iheardyousay About 7 years ago  
Then we'll see that society as a whole is pretty fucked up :P

Sean About 7 years ago  
Yeah, but you realize that maybe it's just the people who read more than one confession on this site are the ones who are actually fucked up.

SoftBoner About 7 years ago  

Anonymous About 7 years ago  

Ecco About 7 years ago  

ZombieSkaii. About 7 years ago  
Ahaha that's so true XD

mint About 7 years ago  
That Idea is so fucking awesome

Doug About 7 years ago  
you have fucking done it. You found the way to solve all of the world's problems

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